Job Description

The Games & CX Manager is responsible for managing the entire spectrum of the online casino game portfolio for all our brands, seamlessly across all platforms. The continuous organization of our game portfolio is of utmost importance, and you will spend much of your time evaluating, researching and monitoring casino games to ensure a high-quality game selection is on offer for our targeted markets.

You are the go-to employee for game-related queries, and the game roadmap and new game release process are a fundamental part of duties.

On the Customer Experience side, your responsibility is that of ensuring the customer interactions with our brands are efficient and optimized, assisting acquisition and retention efforts by increasing non-purchased player loyalty.

What you do.

Manage Design And Front-End Team

  • Team Management. Organize and manage the resource of the design team, ensuring that all brand, product and marketing requirements for content are adhered to in a timely manner.
  • Content Packs. Work with the design team to create and update content and asset packs for the marketing team to use allowing them autonomy.
  • Customer Journey Designs. Work with the front end designer to deliver high-quality designs, in line with core brand guidelines.

Game Portfolio Management & Improvement

  • Game Mastersheet. Create, update and manage the master gamesheet that will collate all relative game information under one single source of information, as the absolute go-to game information channel which will be the foundation for all game-related features to be built upon as well as the main source of technical information for games required by any team in the firm.
  • Game & Provider Descriptions. Work with the SEO team to build unique short and long descriptions for all games in the game portfolio which will be used as the predominant game description for all languages. The game and game provider descriptions will be used to contribute toward SEO, as well as for informative purposes both internally as well as on the websites for players.
  • Game Filtering & Tagging. Develop game tags and filtering options to be incorporated into the game mastersheet for filtering use on the websites in the form of tag filtering. Create processes to ongoingly manage to change game tags to reflect changes in game statuses.
  • Game Library & Assets. Build a game library to support the game mastersheet which indexes and collates all game details, game descriptions, game reviews, game articles, design assets and provider information under a single umbrella.
  • Market Research & Roadmap Prioritization. Research game providers, both upcoming or established, to align with the planned roadmap set out by the brand and product department, ensuring that the casinos are offering the most relevant game content to allow maximum market penetration at the time of launch.
  • Game Set-up & Settings. Work with the product manager to set up and manage all game settings in the casino back-office systems, to ensure that all relevant game information is concise, accurate and seamless across all channels.
  • Technical Escalations. Bridge the customer services team, platform supplier and the game suppliers to raise, escalate and resolve technical issues that may arise with launching games or during gameplay. Ensure that all escalations are followed through and closed in a timely manner with minimal inconvenience to players. Maintain records of issues that have been raised and resolved for reference to allow speedy resolution for similar issues that may be raised at future dates.
  • Game Roadmap. Take responsibility of the game-related product roadmap to ensure that all necessary processes and information is in place to facilitate smooth addition and removal of games to the game portfolio. Ensure that new releases and changes are communicated to necessary departments to allow sufficient time for any preparations required.

Game Performance & Costing

  • Game Cost Perform game costing reconciliation between internal data and invoices supplied by our suppliers, ensuring that rates are being charged accordingly with contractual obligations. Ensure that in the case of games offered by multiple providers or aggregators, that the most cost-effective route is taken to ensure maximum contribution to Gross to Net KPIs.
  • Game Placement. Work with the product team to actively manage game placement on the websites to stabilize casino margin by directing volume toward games which are paying out above their factory RTP. Create game selection profiles which will allow quick settings of game placements across countries, game providers, and game volatility.
  • Monthly Minimums. Collate all agreements with game suppliers to create a rolling cost analysis which will allow you ensure maximum game cost efficiency by redirecting traffic to specific suppliers, to ensure that we will not be suffering needless costs in the form of monthly minimums. As each month progresses, game placement must reflect the cost analysis and marketing department must be advised on which game providers they are required to use for short term activation campaigns.

Game Segmentation & Profiling

  • Country & Jurisdiction Profiling. Create country and jurisdiction profiles which list all game suppliers along with the games, if any, that they can offer to each country and ensure that players from these countries are only able to access the games which are relevant to their jurisdiction. Work with the product manager and the front-end team to ensure that these profiles are used to display coherent and correct product information on the front end, so as not to display information that is irrelevant to players from certain markets.
  • Collections & Categories. Take full responsibility of the game portfolio categorization from a top-down level, also creating customized game collections based on promotional requirements, monthly themes, play styles and customer segments.
  • Game Previews & Reviews (with SEO team). Create content in the form of game previews and reviews for headlining casino games released to our portfolio, both as an internal reference for colleagues to understand the games as well as in the form of articles on social media and other channels.
  • SEO Content (with SEO team). Work with our SEO team based in Kiev to streamline processes for content delivery, ensuring that the content provided is accurate, consistent with our brand’s tone of voice and in correct English.
  • Country Settings & Translations. Work with the content manager to ensure that all games are correctly translated for the markets which they will be offered and which we are actively targeting. For the sake of consistent brand quality, all game descriptions would need to be translated and stored in the game library.

Customer Experience

  • User Journey Optimization. Optimize the player journey across key areas including registration, depositing, gameplay, withdrawing and account management.
  • CX Quality Assurance. Optimize the product across desktop, tablet and mobile and across different operating systems and browsers to ensure our products represented in the highest quality and cross-platform capable.

What you know.

  • A diploma in Marketing or similar education.
  • Fluency in Russian / Ukrainian and English language.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience within the gaming industry.

Who we are.

Max Entertainment is an aggressively expanding business within the Gaming Industry, based out of Malta, with international development hubs. The business is highly developed in both B2C and B2B services and requires a team that is highly pro-active and career-driven.

You would be a member of a very young and forward-thinking team with fast career growth opportunity.