Another year has come and gone… and oh what a year it’s been!! 2018 was full of changes, news, growth, ups and downs, but we’ve come out on top and we’re feeling greater than ever!! From rebranding our entire image to changing our business plan and so much more. we had a long, yet great year and we can’t be more excited to hit the ground running in 2019!

We’ve got so much planned for this coming year, and so much we’ve already done in a few short weeks, but that update is for another time. Right now, we’d like to throw it back to the December we just had and all the things we did, that we feel so passionately about.


The holiday period is a big time for us. Having staff from all around the world, coming from different cultures with various traditions, it is an important time to come together as one big family and make everyone feel at home

For us, December is a time we put our absolute MAX effort into making the holiday period as special as we can for all of our amazingly deserving staff and we do so with a jam-packed month of festivities, parties and way too many Christmas themed games. We dress up, we decorate, we swap gifts, we sing, we dance, we eat, we drink, we compete, we laugh…. and we party! We make sure to enjoy every minute of it after a long year of hard work and perseverance… and we do it together, as the big Max Family that we are.

But, apart from all the glitz and glam of the festive season, we always make sure to stop, and to take a step back from all the festivities, events & celebrations, to reflect on the year that has just past, to be thankful for all that we have and to see the holiday period in its true essence…. a time to give back.

We are not just an iGaming company, but we are a family. Driven by a team of passionate individuals with strong shared values, of wanting to give back to the world, we make it a point to continuously remind ourselves that it is important to give back as much as we can.


The festive season does not mean the same thing to all. For some, who go without proper food, shelter and the right medical care, it is simply a harder time! So as part of our December celebrations, we put our efforts into creating a Christmas donation drive all throughout December, in the hopes of making someone else’s Christmas and new year, that little bit better.

We wanted to reach more than just 1 charity, so we reached out to a few and discussed their main needs and requirements and made that our mission. So, we created our list, we set up the donation site at our offices and we set off with our ‘A December to Remember’ Christmas Charity event. The donation was open for 21 days and all we asked our staff to do was try and donate as many things from the list as possible… and oh how they did.

Our generous and loving staff went above and beyond our expectations, showing up every morning with bags of goodies to go into the donation boxes. They headed out every day to purchase goods from non-perishable foods, to an abundance of warm clothes, medicines and vitamins and so many more things that the charities could make use of that would help them throughout the entire year.

We even managed to reach the ears, and hearts, of external and third party friends and clients, who also helped us by chipping in and sending us large deliveries of items on our wish lists, such as towels, curtains, bedding, toiletries, kitchenware, clothing, dog food and toys all thanks to Hometrends, GDL Trading, Argus Boutique and a few others.


As our donation period came to a close, we gathered all we managed to collect and set out to personally deliver our donations to the charities that we chose. So, we set off to pay visits to both Charitas & Noah’s Ark, in the hopes of reaching men, women & animals too, as we wish to help out as many people and animals as we could. Delivery day was emotional, to say the least… but worth every single penny & all the effort!


At Max, doing what we can to help out and leaving a positive contribution, is important to us. We stand firmly by our Max Values initiative, where we try to do something every few months, to give back to others, or help out the environment, in any way we can. We’ve joined clean-ups of rural areas in Malta that are flooded with litter and rubbish, we’ve sponsored the Bubble which is a non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness about the environment and many more! And we won’t stop there. Every day is a new possibility to lend a helping hand and do something great.

With warm hearts we’d like to thank every single person that contributed to our drive, from donating a single toothbrush to a large delivery of warm bedding and blankets, every little piece was appreciated! In light of this, we hope that we can share awareness of charities that are in need and that every little bit that you are able to do, will go a long way, for those who need it.

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