Company Statement

As of the 4th June 2019 the UK Gambling Commission made public their intent to revoke Max Entertainment’s licence to offer online gambling in the United Kingdom. Max Entertainment are in the process of lodging an appeal against this revocation, as permitted by the Commission. The deadline for submission of an appeal is 18th June 2019. UKGC had an option to revoke the licence with immediate effect but have granted right of appeal.

In the Findings, as issued by the Commission, the Commission states that the business is adequately funded both now and for the future, and that they are happy with the source of funding. Their concerns all relate to the transition period which happened prior to the change of management. As part of the appeal we will seek to have proper regard of the change of management taken.

From the statement we received from UKGC after the Panel it is clear that, were Max Entertainment to apply for a licence today, it would be granted by the Commission.

We are disappointed that the Commission has chosen to write:

This follows identification of concerns relating to the operator’s finances and information supplied to the Commission” on their website as this is, in light of what was written in the findings, misleading. Readers willing to click through for further details do however find an accurate statement, in full context.

The Commission’s issues with the controller are not connected with the way the business is run or with how customers are treated, but solely with availability of documentary evidence from two years ago. We feel that the Commission’s decision is not sufficiently objective, hence why we are appealing. We do not intend to leave the UK market at this time.

We are hopeful of a positive outcome following our appeal, but we will be carefully considering our position in the UK market, nonetheless. We believe that other markets show great potential for a responsible, prudent operator such as ourselves.

MaxEnt Ltd.