Job Description

The Games Executive will be responsible for managing our online casino game portfolio for all our brands – evaluating, researching and monitoring the performance of our games while ensuring a high-quality game selection is on offer for our targeted markets.

As a games executive, you will be expected to maintain a very highly-organised and centralized work structure for both yourself and the branding department with minimal supervision. You must harbour a strong interest in casino games, and will be the go-to person for all game related matters.

Focused and well organised


An analytical mindset


Quick learner


Sharp, critical thinker


Attention to detail


What you do.

You are all about games, their organisation and their profitability. You are expected to build your domain of game information, improving and organising the game portfolio, analyzing game performance, and ensuring all game content is accurate and enaging.

You will set the foundations for game related features and functionalities offered on our websites, so you will also be working closely with the Casino Product Manager to improve player experience while using our brands.

Your duties will be as follows:

  • Manage game placement on websites.
  • Manage game tags on the websites.
  • Enhance gamification opportunities on our brands.
  • Suggest games to use in promotions and tournaments to the marketing team.
  • Develop and improve game recommendation system.
  • Manage new games releases.
  • Organize and maintain game mastersheet.
  • Write game descriptions and reviews.
  • Research and understand game mathematics and features.
  • Integrate game features to their highest potential.
  • Maintain folder structure for all games.
  • Create and manage categories and collections of games.
  • Build game collections across various themes.
  • Create game profiles to adapt to different regions.
  • Measure and report on game performance and monitor gaming revenue.
  • Manage game related systems in the backoffice.
  • Manage game provider costs and monthly minimums.
  • Manage bonus costs on provider level.
  • Manage monthly reconciliation of game costs.
  • Integrate and activate new game providers.
  • Escalate technical issues regarding games.
  • Be the focal point for all games related queries.
  • Monitor industry trends regarding casino games.
  • Analyse competitors for insights.

What you know.

To apply for this position, you should be proficient in the following:

  • Casino games, how they work and how they generate revenue.
  • Casino volatility and exposure.
  • Microsoft Excel.
  • In depth understanding of casino game providers.
  • You understand game mathematics, particularly the effects of game volatility.

You will be considered ahead of the curb if you have:

  • Advanced Excel proficiency.
  • Experience working with game providers.
  • Experience in gamification.
  • Excellent command of English.

Required experience

All applicants who which to apply for this position should have the following:

  • Min. 3 years full-time iGaming experience

Who you are.

  • You’ve got game
    Playing slot games is not just a job, but a hobby. It is a topic that you’re highly interested in.
  • You are a person with clear thinking skills
    Your thought process is logically driven, you calculate twice and fire once.
  • You have an analytical mindset
    You are always looking to uncover new methods and ways to extract data to help you to better perform what is expected of you.
  • You are a team player
    Although you are independent, you function well within a team framework.
  • You are a quick learner
    You get things quickly, usually without the need of too much explaining. You are a naturally intuitive person.
  • You have a passion for what you do
    You don’t just do what you do as a nine-to-five, it’s something you love doing and do with pride.
  • You are focused and well organised
    You understand the need to keep things organized, it tends to come naturally to you as does immersing yourself in your work.

Who we are.

We are creative. We look to each other to inspire creativity and spark innovation and we understand that dreaming big is just as important as working hard. We’re a young, fresh, culture who share values and attitudes, and it is that shared culture that pushes us to achieve more, to believe in better and to think differently…. Very differently.

We find inspiration in the story of the underdog because to us, there are no roadblocks, only speed-bumps. Life at Max Entertainment is everything you’d expect it to be. Great people doing great things in a great place. We’ve carefully create the perfect blend of work/play balance that delivers great results.