Job Description

A Risk & Payments Agent has an important role in the day-to-day functioning of the casinos that form the core of our brand. These cover the elements of fraud identification, payouts, KYC & related due diligence processes. The agent will works closely with other departments within the business, namely Customer Services & Finance, to ensure a safe yet fun environment for our players. The day to day tasks of the agent consist of:

What you do.

  • KYC
    A Risk & Payment agent is responsible for the verification of player accounts. The KYC process is carried out in line with regulatory and in-house requirements and protocols. Customer due diligence is an going process and further KYC may be needed throughout the customers journey.
  • Withdrawals
    A Risk & Payment agent is responsible for the processing of withdrawals on the Casino. Each withdrawal undergoes checks carried out by the R&P agent prior to approval. Each agent will have a limit on the value of withdrawals they are able to process in order to mitigate risk and selected senior CS staff will also be able to process certain withdrawals as the R&P team does not work on a 24/7 basis.
  • Customer Communication
    A Risk & Payment agent is responsible for the handling of all chat and emails relating to R&P. Chats will be receiving on an ad-hoc basis while tickets are actioned on a daily basis. This includes any chats or tickets that are received directly or transferred from the Customer Services department.
  • Escalations
    Internal departments will be escalating cases to the R&P team on a regular daily basis for further investigation. Escalations will be handled by order of importance and queries that need the authorization of a manager are to be escalated to the department manager.
  • Risk
    The Risk & Payment agent takes a lead role in mitigating potential risks to the business. This is done through early detection of fraud via daily processes and through the use of reporting tools. The Risk & Payments agent will also be responsible for the actioning of fraud alerts such as payment account de-activation requests, name mismatches on payment methods, same IP triggers, etc. These will eventually be streamlined through the use of a dedicated fraud software, however is currently being done on a manual basis.
  • Team Management and Collaboration
    It is the responsibility of the R&P Agent to collaborate with other departments, namely the Customer Services department, to ensure that there is a proper crossover of duties between both teams and that they are informed of any potential risk & payments issues that directly or indirectly affect them. The Agent’s duties towards his team is to collaborate on the daily assignment of tasks to ensure that each one is completed as per schedule.
  • Chargebacks
    Chargeback levels will be monitored, and issues addressed through the implementation or customization of new & existing fraud rules on our payment systems. Chargebacks received will be addressed through the creation of defence cases which are forwarded to card issuers.

What you know.

  • You analyse data
    You and raw data go hand in hand. You analyse all types of data for different tasks within your role and draw conclusion based on the information extracted. You make key decisions based on the conclusions drawn from your information.
  • You know that communication is key
    You are able to communicate, with both internal colleagues and external customers, through a high level of business-English. You understand that the you will be dealing with delicate cases that require a certain level of linguistic knowledge to enable you to diffuse and resolve situations with tact & diplomacy.
  • You know data
    You command strong excel and data mining skills. You are capable in presenting robust fraud cases to internal and external clients.
  • You are an expert on MS Office
    You are an Excel and Powerpoint wizard. You find MS Word very easy to use and would have no issues learning other software packages.

Required Experience.

  • Customer Service or Risk & Payments experience – Preferred but not essential

Who you are.

  • You are a team player
    You understand the value of being part of a team and happily contribute to group objectives. You realise that you need to work closely with your colleagues in an environment that is team oriented rather than individually focused.
  • You love multi-tasking
    You are comfortable working on different tasks simultaneously. You find no difficulty in switching between multiple systems and do not necessarily need to follow a linear work flow to compete each task.
  • You don’t like making mistakes
    You are thorough and diligent in your approach. Double checking your work is second- nature to you.
  • You enjoy searching for clues
    You feel most comfortable when doing investigative work to uncover potential risk. You have a tactical mindset to go with your analytical skills which you use to investigate risk and fraud cases. You don’t stop until you find what you are looking for and enjoy the challenge when the digging gets tough.
  • You have a never-say-never attitude
    You understand that not all tasks can be closed by the end of your shift and that some will need days or weeks of following-up. You enjoy taking ownership of your work and seeing them out to point of completion.

Who we are.

We are creative. We look to each other to inspire creativity and spark innovation and we understand that dreaming big is just as important as working hard. We’re a young, fresh, culture who share values and attitudes, and it is that shared culture that pushes us to achieve more, to believe in better and to think differently…. Very differently.

We find inspiration in the story of the underdog because to us, there are no roadblocks, only speed-bumps. Life at Max Entertainment is everything you’d expect it to be. Great people doing great things in a great place. We’ve carefully create the perfect blend of work/play balance that delivers great results.