Job Description

As the Casino Product Manager, you will be responsible for delivering high-quality, innovative products for our casino brands. You will take responsibility for all content on the casino websites, manage everyday casino tasks as well as play a leading role in developing and seeing through the product roadmap.

Engaged and on the ball


An analytical mindset


Target driven


Natural leader


Attention to detail


What you do.

The Casino Product Manager will form part of the core casino product team, working closely with the Games Executive and Customer Experience Officer as well as Project Managers and Business Analysts. You will deliver top quality casino products which meet profitability and quality expectations set out for them by the department stakeholders.

Your duties will be as follows:

  • Manage casino performance across established KPIs and targets.
  • Manage general casino terms and conditions.
  • Manage the casino backoffice systems.
  • Manage player disputes internally or with mediators.
  • Manage and negotiate relationships with third party suppliers.
  • Brief analysts by documenting your requests for new features.
  • Optimize the customer journey across customer touch points.
  • Optimize and improve product with innovative features.
  • Ensure all relevant product and feature documentation is correct and up to date.
  • Ensure product consistency across desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Ensure correct internal escalation procedures are in place.
  • Keep the casino product compliant across relevant regulatory landscape.
  • Own and lead the product roadmap.
  • Report on casino performance and opportunities to key stakeholders.
  • Engage in ongoing competitive analysis of competition.
  • Coordinate and execute game launch process of new titles.
  • Actively represent the brands in casino based forums.
  • Create fun and profitable casino promotional campaigns.

What you know.

To apply for this position, you should be proficient in the following:

  • Casino mathematics, KPIs and revenue flow.
  • Casino promotions and how to build them.
  • Casino bonuses and how they work.
  • Microsoft Excel and report building.
  • Casino terms and conditions.
  • English language to a high standard.
  • Casino suppliers and third parties.
  • Reporting to key stakeholders.
  • Building and managing a product roadmap.

You will be considered ahead of the curb if you have:

  • Prior experience in casino management.
  • Prior experience in managing people.
  • Prior experience in briefing features to business analysts.
  • Prior experience in creating elaborate casino promotions.
  • Prior experience in reporting to key stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of gamification.
  • Excellent level of written English.

Required experience

All applicants who which to apply for this position should have the following:

  • Min. 5 years full-time iGaming experience

Who you are.

  • You are a person who takes pride in their work
    You have a clear interest in the end user product and its values
  • You are an innovator with an eye for detail
    It’s in your nature to strive for constant improvement. You strive for quality both personally and for the brands you represent.
  • You’re a team player
    Although you are independent, you function well within a team framework.
  • You are target driven
    You can set targets for yourself and your brands, and are constantly striving to better them.
  • You have a passion for what you do
    You don’t just do what you do as a nine-to-five, it’s something you love doing and do with pride.
  • You are an analytical thinker and curious by nature
    You like to get to the bottom of things and curiosity is a strong motivator. You want to understand how things work, and you have a capacity to deliver your findings coherently.
  • You are well organised, and can plan ahead
    You can plot a roadmap and stick with it. You understand the need to keep things organized, it tends to come naturally to you as does immersing yourself in your work.

Who we are.

We are creative. We look to each other to inspire creativity and spark innovation and we understand that dreaming big is just as important as working hard. We’re a young, fresh, culture who share values and attitudes, and it is that shared culture that pushes us to achieve more, to believe in better and to think differently…. Very differently.

We find inspiration in the story of the underdog because to us, there are no roadblocks, only speed-bumps. Life at Max Entertainment is everything you’d expect it to be. Great people doing great things in a great place. We’ve carefully create the perfect blend of work/play balance that delivers great results.