Has your computer broken down? Battling bugs in your code? Having trouble with your server? Just call the tech guy… obviously! Techies. A growing breed of fantastic individuals armed with ever so important skills of working their way around any form of technology.

They’re so valuable and important to any institution, company or business that they’ve even been given their very own day! International Techies day.


National techies day is celebrated annually, every 3rd of October! It was originally put in place in order to help encourage students to think about the possibility of pursuing careers in technology and as an opportunity to learn more about the craft, so to speak.

The idea of making it a nationally celebrated day came about when back in 1999, it was identified that 60% of all future jobs were believed to require advanced technology skills that the majority of students didn’t have at the time.

Techies day was set up to urge students to recognise the growing trend of technology in the world, at a time when computer studies was not yet a compulsory subject in schools, but merely an option – like drama or home economics. It was celebrated to encourage youngsters to start to embrace computer science for all of it’s potential.

Now it continues to exist as a reminder to all tech professionals all around the world, to continue working on their craft and to take the time to volunteer their talent and skills to help encourage young people to learn more about careers in technology and what potential the future could hold for them. Judging by what we’ve learnt thanks to all the Steve Jobs and Mark Zucherbergs of the world…. it is most definitely a lucrative path to take.


Nowadays the ‘stereotype‘ of a computer nerd or geek is dying a painful death because the techies have most definitely risen and the ‘nerds’ are slowly but surely taking over, raking in big bucks with their hacker brains and tinkering skills.

They are an absolute essential in any modern company, whether in-house or outsourced. Take care of your Techies guys, because we can assure you, you need them much more than they need you!

Today we’re taking advantage of this day to pay tribute to our very own techies… The insanely skilled, incredibly talented and ridiculously unparalleled, Max Entertainment DEV team because without them we would literally be lost!


In honouring national techies day, we’d like to introduce every member of our tech team, which we call the DEV team. A fascinating group of superbly talented and weirdly unique individuals! A group of our family who we wouldn’t be the same without!

Meet Andrew a.k.a Snuggles Abercrombie our Senior PHP Developer. 

Forever zen, snuggles is never afraid to get his hands dirty with all things development. He’s our esteemed web ninja, there to solve any issues that arise, any time of day and with absolute perfection. Impossible to break, Andrew is the most majestic of his kind. He can be found seeking refuge in his dark corner, adorned by a cloud of smoke ( these hipster vapers ), totally in the zone with his psychedelic tunes. He’s a mass of contradictions and he is irreplaceable. When away from the screen, he can be found sitting cross-legged, dipping cookies in some fresh milk, scheming in his had about his impending creation.

Conrad a.k.a Brainy our Senior Front-end developer.

Our HTML fairy godbrother, Conrad is proper aces at anything front-end related. From creating flawless user experiences and site interactions to the unbreakable bridge between designer and back-end developer, he’s got the skills that get the deeds done. A relatively new addition to the Max family, Conrad hit the ground running, with super street cred as being one of the nicest guys in town. He also happens to be the stunt double of Brainy from Hey Arnold.

Rachel a.k.a Rakel or Rejchill – front-end developer. 

Stereotype? No way. This glam queen is one the best front-end developers we’ve ever come across. A quiet character, fast thinker and a breath of fresh air that lights up every room she enters with her gorgeous smile. If her giggles can’t be heard echoing in the hallways, then she’s obviously doing her thing, tinkering with code and dancing her way to bringing some awesome designs to life with her mad skills.

Fernando a.k.a Cookie Monster – Developer / Data Protection Officer

Fernando codes and codes and codes. He’s a robot in a human’s body with a ridiculous amount of ambition and goals, well beyond his years. With strong passions for development and a keen eye for sussing out any data protection discrepancies, he’s just got a knack for what he does. When he’s not coding away, he’s probably complaining because the cookie jar is not up to scratch with the ultimate selection of cookies, decked in head-to-toe airsoft gear, just cause.

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