The last three months, my first three as CEO, feel like they’ve gone by in a flash. We have not only changed management but we’ve changed some of our staff, changed our direction, and changed our name.  A World Cup has come and gone, we fielded a team for the Grid (and will do so again in October!) and we’ve celebrated the arrival of new children of our employees.

I’ve become the newly appointed CEO to not only this thriving company, full of talented individuals but also to a family. There’s never a day that goes by when there isn’t something going on outside my office that draws me out into a vibrant, friendly atmosphere.

The change of name, though planned since last year, is perhaps a fitting way to mark how things are evolving.  MAX brings with it the promise of taking things to the limit and doing the very best we can.  The new business plan builds on that, initially emphasizing growth before turning to the nurture of our customers and adding a new brand to our stable to broaden our appeal to the widest possible audience.

We are not just looking externally though: internally we are working on developing our employees, growing their abilities and potential and meeting the needs of an ever-changing marketplace through a team of professionals who are quick to respond and can handle anything.

This is achieved through dynamic tension: we value Efficiency and Performance and understand that while they pull in different directions, striking the balance between them drives the company forward.  We value Growth and Trust: while we seek to reach as many people as possible it is not at the expense of Customer Service or by failing to carry out appropriate KYC checks to ensure that everyone has a fair and happy experience on our sites.  We value Consistency and Excitement, knowing that people appreciate the familiar and reliable, but still want to be thrilled.

Any period of change brings with it both happiness and sadness.  We have regrettably lost some staff members who have been enticed away by alternative opportunities, but we have also gained some fantastic new colleagues and moved responsibilities around in order to adapt.  The flexibility that we show, and the readiness with which people take up additional tasks, is inspiring.  This team-effort and collaborative response assures me that we have the right people to see our vision through to completion.

Thank-you, MAX Entertainment!

Greg Bennett,


Max Entertainment 

MaxEnt is an aggressively expanding business within the Gaming Industry, based in Malta, with international development hubs. The business is highly developed and requires a team that is highly proactive, and career driven.

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